Fundraising Ideas

Planning to have a fundraising event with kids? The ideas you can choose from are many. The trick is to try out something new, novel and appealing to children. The conventional lemonade stall alone is not very promising if you are looking to collect a considerable amount. The following are a few ways which can help make your event a success.

Food and drink

Food is bound to attract anyone irrespective of their age. Have a large variety of food. There will always be volunteers in your neighborhood or elsewhere who can help you out by donating. When deciding exactly what to have, consider the kind of crowd you are looking to attract. Kids always have an insatiable sweet tooth. Cakes and muffins would be ideal. If you’re hosting the event in summer, having cool beverages and popsicles would be just the thing. You could slushie machines hire for cheap from a suitable website online.

Who doesn’t love fairy floss? Fairy floss Hire machine and you’ll instantly see funds pouring in. Fairy floss machines can be hired for a fairly low price from a similar website that provides slushy machines.

Car wash

Having a car wash can be fun, especially when kids are involved. Make sure you have all the essentials with you beforehand; sponges, buckets, a garden hose or two, good-quality car shampoo, plenty of rags and cloth to polish. You can easily find these lying about your house, or you could even borrow them. Have your car wash preferably in a parking lot or a school ground. Don’t forget to get prior permission! You should instruct your children on the techniques used when washing cars, and make sure there is an adult supervising them. Let them get wet and have fun!

Hand-crafted cards

The best part about making hand-crafted greeting cards is that you can use bits of junk in your house and turn them into something completely different, new and unique! Old buttons, spare ribbon, colorful wrapping paper: literally anything can be used for this. Your children are sure to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Get innovative, get creative!

Choosing the venue and date for the event

Select the weekend preferably, as you would expect more people to be off from work and school. Avoid dates where there are other big events scheduled to be held in your area. Make sure your event gets the necessary publicity. You could distribute fliers or even opt for spreading the word via social media. It is a good idea to begin this at least two weeks before the event. Choose a location which usually draws a lot of crowds.