A Guide – Floral Arrangements For Your Wedding

One of the major highlights of the big day are the floral arrangements, décor and the bouquet too. You need not go for very elaborate structures or decorations unless that is what you would like – keeping things simple with additional décor like candles, linen and other accessories that look great together can make a difference.

Getting Guidance From The Florist

Give as much information as you can to your florist regarding the venue, theme and the kind of atmosphere you would like to create. Keep swatches of the bridesmaids’ dresses, photos of the other decorations and colour themes too. The size and shape of your bouquet is also important, so keep some photos of your dress ready too. The florist will give you an expert’s opinion on what kind flowers will be right for your theme and what would be practical, and try to find a compromise if your ideas clash.

The Bridal Bouquet and Décor

The bridal bouquet is an important part of the ceremony and this includes the bridesmaids’ bouquets too. This depends on how much emphasis you want to put on the bouquet as some people prefer simpler arrangements. Some brides get the bouquets done by a reputed regular florist who might specialize in corporate flowers or gifts and get the main décor done by a floral designer. You can even get creative and try something different to really complement the wedding theme by adding extra accessories when it comes to centre pieces and other table decorations too.

The Floral Arrangements

Selecting perfect flowers that are in season will not only look great, but will cut down expenses as some flowers are difficult to get during certain times of the year. Flowers even have their own meanings and you can let your florist guide you into choosing something that reflects your personality or how you feel. While it might be tempting to get caught up in making sure everything is colour coordinated and matching, sometimes selecting colours that complement or emphasize each other would look better. Take photographs of sample bouquets or décor to get an idea of things would look in photographs.

Getting a Head Start

Often times floral arrangements are dealt with in a rush – last minute planning can sometimes upset your entire theme. If you start planning early, you can avoid unnecessary hiccups as the big day draws closer. It is better to decide on the bouquets right after you have selected your dress and the colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses, and then decided on the floral décor, centre pieces and other floral arrangements.