Getting Married In Style

Weddings are exciting but you are likely to have noticed that every wedding you have ever gone to is likely to have been the same thing with the same kind of decorations to the same out first and the same itinerary. If you are currently planning your own wedding, consider having a wedding with a difference. You do to have to do everything that everyone else does because it is considered “tradition” and you do not have to invite a hundred people that you hardly know out of obligation. Of course, sometimes, getting out of that obligation of inviting your aunt, your grand aunt and your next door neighbor might be easier said than done and therefore, one of the best ways to solve this is to consider getting married far away from home or better yet, overseas. This way, you can still send them invitations to the wedding but they are unlikely to pay their travel and accommodation to attend your wedding far away.

Tips for getting married in another country

There are likely to be a few rules that you may need to follow when it comes to getting married overseas that you will need to find out from your local government council. Of course, if it is just your wedding party or reception that you are having overseas, you can simply register your marriage with the government in your country before you leave on your wedding holiday.

You could even skip the overseas pre wedding photography completely and simply opt to book a professional in that country to cover your wedding itself. This will cost you less money instead of having to book a professional photographer twice. 

Another idea for your overseas pre wedding photo shoot is, you can have one of your family members or your friends capture a few amazing pictures of you and your spouse to be. It may not be perfect but the imperfections of the photo shoot will add to the uniqueness of the day and unique ability to capture the perfect image.

It is important for you to keep in mind hat there are no rules. You are not obliged to follow any traditions or rituals for your wedding and you can simple choose what would make you and your spouse happy. This means that you do not even need to wear a short casual dress or an evening good in your favourite colour for your marriage ceremony instead of the big white ball gown that brides traditionally wear. If you were to truly look at the historical reasons for some of these wedding traditional, you will realize how unnecessary they really are in this day and age.