University Programs And Events

There are many universities placed around the world to facilitate students’ needs and rights. Many of these universities carry a huge work load and they are conducted by the administration who is appointed by the dean of the university to carry on these tasks. They are the ones who are responsible for student’s accommodation, education and other extracurricular activities. However it has to be highlighted that, a university is not a place that is only focused on education. It is their biggest focus but there are many fun events and programs conducted by the university. One of the biggest events organized by them is the annual graduation ceremony and the grad night. It is a joyful and a proud day for all the lecturers, students, parents and the other members of the university. Therefore they put a massive effort to make this day perfect with the help of the student council of the university.

After the graduation ceremony is over, all the students and the lectures including the dean of the university get together to take a group picture which is a common ritual that is happening after every graduation ceremony. Many universities give away custom balloons from Melbourne at the end of the day to make the students happy and to make the event memorable. These are printed with the logo of the university with a well wish at the end. It is a lovely moment to celebrate and a definitely a moment to remember.

It is not the just the graduation, there are many events like the sports day, educational programs and other talent programs organized by the university to bring out fun activities to the students. The annual prom night in the university is the other highlighting event that gets students attention. These are mainly organized by the student’s council at a quite luxurious venue in the evening. It’s an event full of fun and joy where students get to enjoy and make memories. Huge confetti balloons are held everywhere and the president of the council pulls the string after his speech making a massive fall of ribbons and sparkling things from above. It is a moment that every student is waiting to see.

University life happens only one in your lifetime. Therefore it is a must to enjoy these in your life and it is a responsibility of both the university and students to organize and take part in these events making memories for life. Also, a student has to keep in mind that most importantly, education comes first.